A New Look for $85

A New Look for $85

If you look at design ideas on Pinterest, you know that reclaimed wood is trending. The good news? You don’t need very much to make a room pop. 

Take a look at a couple of projects we’ve done recently. You’ll see that just a little wood gives a real “pop” to a space.

You can also do larger scale projects. Reclaimed wood is very popular for accent walls in living rooms. You can take a white wall and add another level of detail to it by trimming it out in patina fir or any character driven reclaimed wood. A full accent wall in a relatively white room? You change the whole feeling with a small amount of lumber. People will also use reclaimed wood to panel off a front entryway like a mudroom.

Sometimes people like so much they do the whole house. And if you’re not much of a do-it-yourselfer, we can install it for you.

You can come by to our showroom at 10 am, pick up $85 worth of panelling, and have a fresh look for your living room that same day. We’re open Wednesday through Saturdays at 2032 W Superior Street and happy to help. 

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