Duluth Wood: Art of Discovery

Duluth Wood: Art of Discovery

At Lake Wood Designs we are honored and proud to be a new member of the Duluth business community. We are kind of like another business we’ve seen cropping up in the Duluth area recently—CSA farms. 

When you buy from a CSA, you get a new box of vegetables each week. Part of the fun is seeing what’s in season. At Lake Wood Design we are kind of like a CSA for wood. At our showroom, you may be surprised to see what is currently “in season.” Sometimes we might have lots of tables made from pickle barrels and other times you might walk in and see more of the darker-colored beer-barrel tables. Sometimes we may have more redwood items than other times. A big part of what we do is sourcing quality wood from various locations. Our stock can vary as much as that CSA box.

“Old-growth wood is a finite resource and it is all about trying to find it,” said Co-Owner Devin Garrett. “Larger redwood dimensions are out there. It is expensive and goes fast. But I have a theory that there are tons of barns, sheds, and garages just chock full of this stuff people found and are just sitting on.”

Although we all ready have giant stacks off old timber waiting to become furniture, as time goes on we will source more and more undiscovered excellent wood. Since our selection will always be changing we encourage you to browse our showroom often and follow us on Facebook. So, you can swoop in and snatch up that one-of-a-kind item before someone else does. 

For instance, if you are interested in having something made out of beer-barrel contact us soon. We have a few pieces of redwood beer-barrel furniture and enough stock to create something for you, if beer-barrel furniture is what you have your heart set on.

“There is not much beer barrel wood around,” said Devin. “It is the rarest kind of redwood we have for sure. We do have some beer barrel wood stock as well as a coffee table that we built out of beer barrel wood and that will be in the showroom along with matching end tables.”

At Lake Wood Designs we feel the “Art of Wood” is mostly the “Art of Discovery.” We explore the world of old warehouses and empty factories to uncover some rare treasures of wood. We then carefully mill the long-lost-lumber down and kiln dry the cut pieces. We do not know exactly what we will find when we shave off the ancient outer layers of an old-growth piece of lumber. Part of the fun for artisans and customers is discovering the fascinating history of each piece of wood and every chair and table.

“Some of our beer barrel stocks comes from a Falstaff brewery that was in Omaha and closed a long time ago,” said Devin. “There was a little bit from the old Fitger’s and there were a couple of pieces from the old Duluth Brewing & Malting.”

When you purchase one of our tables, you purchase a piece of the past. For example, by displaying a table made from wood from Duluth Brewing & Malting, you become a caretaker to a small piece of a once great company. Duluth Brewing & Malting was interesting because it was one of the few breweries around in 1895 that malted its own grain. This diversity helped it to weather the storms of temperance by producing non-alcoholic products during Prohibition. 

You never know when we may discover a stash of historic wood you would love to see in a table. You’ll need to stop in often and or follow us on social media to keep up on what is in season at our CSA of wood. 

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