Duluth Grand Opening Helps with Lumber Shortage

Duluth Grand Opening Helps with Lumber Shortage

If you are having a difficult time remodeling due to the COVID-19 lumber shortage, check out our showroom’s Grand Opening on August 21st (11am–5pm) and 22nd (11am–6pm). Besides all our furniture we will have for sale and on display, we will also have lots of millwork ready for your home remodel. We make this millwork at our shop in West Duluth. We start with old-growth timber, which might be from an old wooden barrel or a beam from an old warehouse and is over 100 years old. We use this timber to produce a high-quality wood product which will stand the test of time. Our millwork products include stair treads, flooring, paneling, trim, and more.

Using old-growth wood that can’t even be harvested today, we produce wood products which are much more stable and will last much longer than what you can buy in your typical lumber store. Our customers are focused on quality instead of price. However, if you are on the fence deciding between buying average wood or outstanding wood, this is a good time to go for the best. We have lots of wood available and while our prices are holding steady, regular lumber is getting pricey.

“As expensive as basic lumber has gotten now, it makes our wood even more attractive,” said co-owner Devin Garrett.

By building with this higher-quality wood, you know your steps, trim, or paneling will look great for many years to come. This old growth wood comes from a time when trees grew slow and had super-dense rings. This wood has also been sitting around for a long time and has gotten most of its warping or moving out of its system.

Depending on your needs, home consultations are an opion to make sure your wood products fit your house just right.

“Flooring or countertops are examples of a consultation situation,” said Devin. “We get exact dimensions to make sure it fits.”

For our grand opening we will be offering this consultation for free. Guidelines and restrictions do apply.

Check out our showroom and get inspiration and advice for your next project.

Besides millwork, our Grand Opening will feature various high-quality tables, benches, and much more. Like the millwork, this furniture is made from old growth timber that has been around for a long time. We will feature various tables made from old wooden tanks which still bear the marks of their interesting history. We will also display different mantel options, different living room sets, and shelves. We will also have a pergola made with brackets and one made with only hand joinery. Our showroom we be full of quality and variety starting with the Grand Opening.

“We are going to keep making furniture and keep the showroom full,” said Devin. “The showroom will keep constantly transforming and changing as we are constantly coming up with new ideas about what should be built. Of course, the most important thing is what customers want!”

To pique your curiosity, we will have raw materials on display like stacks of giant pickle-barrel staves. Before and after the Grand Opening, we will be available in the showroom to help you design the custom furniture piece of your dreams. 

For this Grand Opening, we are also planning to have as much fun as COVID allows. At the door to the showroom, our masked hosts and hostesses will make sure we stay under our occupancy limit and there will be plenty of hand sanitizer around. 

We will be giving away white cedar fish planks for cooking your favorite local catch on. These cedar planks are great for cooking because they provide a stable surface to put food on while giving it an authentic smoke flavor. This is particularly good if you are grilling. Ursa Minor, Vitta Pizza, and Clyde all use our firewood, so we know a thing or two about cooking!

We are looking at having a couple of vendors including a food truck, so it will be a good time.

We invite you to come to our showroom in the old Anderson Furniture building on August 21st and 22nd. So, grab your mask and come on down to help us celebrate this positive addition to the Duluth business community.

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